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Will You Be
              My Friend?

Will You Be My Friend?
Kavanaugh writes: "Friendship is freedom, is flowing, is rare.. It trusts, understands, grows, explores, it smiles and weeps. It does not exhust or cling, expect or depand. It is - and that is enough - and it dreams a lot!"

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James Kavanaugh passed away on the 29th of December 2009.
He left a legacy we like to call "The Spirit of James Kavanaugh". 

The purpose of this website is to bring this spirit of Jim back to life for us today.  The timeless qualities of any great writer is an ability of putting together simple thoughts in ways that express profound, insightful meaning about this time we call life. I believe Jim had this ability and proved it over and over again in all of his writing.  His words allow us to laugh out loud on one page, cry silent tears on the next and smile in agreement with another. 

One of the common threads that run though all of Jim's writings is a belief that the answers we need in life come from within each of us.  These life answers are always revealed through the exchange of love we share with our lover or in the disappointments we experienced in life and in those times when all our friends desert us for reasons we never fully understand.  Jim helps us discover these and other reasons in the beauty of nature, life and love as we walk easy on the earth and learn how to view love and life as an ever expanding process along our journey. 

Jim's books were a regular fixture in bookshops around America until life became more individualistic and focus mainly on our financial return from life and less on the unconditional positive regard for others.  Since 1969, when Jim wrote "The Birth of God", we have only intensified our acceptance of self-limiting institutions, acquisitions of material positions and heartless sexual encounters as a better path toward a fuller life.  We have failed to heed Jim's words in "There Are Men Too Gentle To Live Among Wolves":

"There are men too gentle to live among wolves
Who prey upon them with their IBM eyes
And sell their hearts and guts for martinis at noon.
There are men too gentle for a savage world"

We no longer seem to believe there is a place for a more human side in our isolating post-modern society.  We have freely exchanged any chance for a fuller, richer love because we have given ourselves over to heartless business activities, soulless religious institutions and lifeless marriages and interpersonal relationships.     

I believe it is time to take a fresh look at the words Jim wrote so many years ago and begin the process of redefining the meaning of love and friendship and rediscover the pathways to more rewarding lives and deeper love relationships.  As part of this process we will be transforming this website into a tool to help us rediscover the joy of developing deeper more passionate love and friendships.  Come in and explore these pages and see how the work Jim started so many years ago can become alive for us today. 

Jim describes the challenge and rewards of a life that is full of gentleness and renewed passion in his poem
"Will You Be My Friend?" :  

   ...A friend
Who far beyond the feebleness of any vow or tie
Will touch the secret place where I am really I,
To know the pain of lips that plead and eyes that weep,
Who will not run away when you find me in the street  
Alone and lying mangled by my quota of defeats
But will stop and stay to tell me of another day
When I was beautiful.
Will you be my friend?
There are so many reasons why you never should ...

Take a look around, drop into our bookshop and visit our workshops area to see if one of our workshops or those of our associates may be helpful in assisting you unlock the friend and lover you have inside but may have hidden away so many years ago.   

Thank you and enjoy.


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